TGTS radio we have The Greatest Talk Shows!!!!!!!

TGTS Radio is the brainchild of James Castellaw and Anthony Paolillo.  Having produced over 200 videos for Big Bag Studios, Anthony and James moved their focus to the world of internet radio.

Starting in 2007 Hollywood and Jersey were introduced to internet radio on "The Greatest Talk Show", the internet’s top paranormal show. Over the past six years they have produced and/or hosted "The End of Scripted Television ", "We'ed go Green ", & " James Castellaw is Pushin’ 30".  After 6 years as the host of "The Greatest talk Show", Hollywood and Jersey handed the reigns over to Mark the Ark to focus their time in starting TGTS Radio Network.  Since April 2013 TGTS has added over 10 new shows from all over the country.  TGTS will continue to break barriers with more groundbreaking shows in the Winter of 2013 and the Spring of 2014.

TGTS: We really have the Greatest talk shows…

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